Gourd Seeds

Thank you for your interest in gourd seeds. I do research on gourds for a variety of organizations including Seed Savers Exchange, USDA, Native Seed Search, etc. Seed is grown out to establish purity and varietal integrity. The varieties are then documented and hand pollinated for duplication. Once the seed is harvested it is sent to be put in long term storage. Most of the grow outs produce more hand pollinated seed than is required to be put in storage. This is the seed that is offered to members of the American Gourd Society and other interested growers.

The photos and charts give the overall shape and dimensions of the gourds that I have in the current collection. Not all of these varieties are available every year, we have had very large grow outs and all varieties are available. Please send your order between October and May. I do not send out seed during other times. The temperatures in Post Office vehicles and mail boxes can often exceed 120 degrees and severely damage seed. If you request during the summer months be prepared to wait until November for shipment. Your check will not be cashed until the seeds are sent.

Buying our Seeds

Order . . . Seed is $4.50, sent in a padded envelope with postage included, for a packet of 15 seeds. Bulk orders of some varieties are available with a minumum order of 1/4 pound. Payment must be included with your order. I am unable to take phone orders. There are no split orders. If you do not want any substitutions then please let me know otherwise I will substitute a similar sized variety if I am out of something you have requested.

Occasionally research seed is available free with your order if you promise to grow the seed and send me a picture of one gourd for each of the plants that you grew. Let me know if you are interested.

The variety sketches are not to scale. Please check the dimension to be sure of shape and size. The dimensions are an average or composite size of the gourds produced. Your size may very as much as 25% but the shape and proportion will be similar. Water, length of season, the number of gourds per plant, and the fertilizer available to the pant all affect the size of your gourds. Consult the American Gourd Society publications or your local Ag Extension office on growing gourds in your area. In general it is very hard to get the large (especially African) varieties to reach maturity in the Northern half of the country. The season is too short. In addition some varieties are day length sensitive and to not blossom until the days begin to shorten. Please be aware of your climate limitations.

I highly recommend Ginger Summits Books on Gourds. The American Gourd Society also has excellent resources to answer all of your questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question elsewhere please

Please e-mail me at delrioseed@hughes.net