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Restaurant Supported Agriculture
Produce Express has a farm-direct connection - Del Rio Botanical. On this farm we have everything a chef can imagine. From Arugula to Zizyphus, it's only 20 miles from your restaurant. Seasonal produce, picked the day of delivery is not just a concept, but a reality.

A collection of over 1600 varieties of seeds for vegetables and herbs places Del Rio Botanicals in the unique position to provide a selection of produce that is varied, rare and targeted to restaurants. Any vegetable or herb that can be coaxed into growing in Yolo county is available to the Produce Express customer.

In the past year Produce Express customers have had access to over 200 special vegetables including Nepeta catarica, Yacon, Kiwano, Horseradish leaves, Pineapple sage, Basil varieties from around the globe, Fraises des bois, Fava greens, Wild-greens braising mix, signature salad mixes, 20 varieties of peppers, 22 variates of cherry tomatoes and more.

All you have to do is ask! If you need a special vegetable or herb, just ask to have it grown for you. It is that simple. If you need it, Produce Express and Del Rio Botanicals will grow, pack and deliver.